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Dream In Color

Dream In Color

Dynamic Color Duos || Unexpected combos save the day – pink/gold, copper/turquoise & more

When it comes to color, certain combinations – blue and white, red and green, silver and gold, black and white – play off each other naturally, and always look timeless. Sometimes, it's healthy and fun to venture outside your comfort zone and try unusual color duos to save your space from becoming too staid. For example, you've often seen red and blue together, especially during warm-weather holidays like Memorial Day and July 4th, but try giving one of the colors a twist – lighten navy blue to powder blue or lighten red to pale pink – and it changes the mood. By adjusting a color's saturation and adding tints of white or shades of grey to it, or experimenting with unusual color combinations, you can come up with your own signature display of color through paint, upholstered furniture, and accents that bring exciting life to your space.

Dream in Color - 4 Kincaid Jenny Accent Chair

Color Opposites || If you want your room to feel energetic, opposites on the color wheel attract, and will often make a stronger design statement. Consider expanding your palette…pair turquoise with copper (they're versions of blue and orange); gold with lavender (versions of yellow and purple); or magenta with teal (variations of red and green). If you prefer earth tones, brown (mixing red and green) with spruce green can create a more subdued atmosphere. Metallics like gold, silver, copper and bronze – whether shiny or distressed – often act as neutrals, and can look great with the majority of colors in a room. For example, try placing a gold metallic accent table next to purple-hued upholstery and feel the space come to life. The same for copper accessories against any kind of blue backdrop. Depending on how you mix things up, your space can look quite sophisticated and artful.

Dream in Color - 3 Legacy Classic Impressions Full Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage  

Saturation || The amount of pigment in your colors determines their intensity or saturation. There is quite a difference between using vivid, highly-saturated primary red and yellow together (think fast food packaging or elementary school painting class), and using salmon pink with gold, which is a less saturated, much calmer combo.

Dream in Color - 2 Kincaid Modern Chair Kincaid Modern Accent Ottoman  

Analogous || OK, this is technically a trio instead of a duo, but if you arrange, say, blue, blue-green and green in a room, it will create a sense of harmony. This is because these three colors are next to one another on the color wheel, with blue-green a mix of the colors blue and green on either side of it. Something more unexpected might be an overcast blue-grey with olive green-brown. Another unexpected analogous color combo might be burgundy with light violet, variations of red and purple.

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