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Making Spirits Bright

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Decorating With Contrasts || Create a festive holiday room with lively color duos

It’s often said that opposites attract. The same is true in the interior design world, especially in rooms that are decorated for the holidays. Our eyes are instantly drawn to color contrasts like red and green, silver and gold, and blue and orange. Many of these duos are opposites on the color wheel, so they naturally play off each other – the same is true of black and white. Although few spaces are made up of just two colors, contrasting duos can make up the focal point of your room, while varied saturations of these duos or totally different accent colors can elevate it to the next level. In addition to the colors you use, consider finishes and textures. For example, a lacquered furniture piece will tend to be more dramatic than one with a matte or distressed finish. Also, the color’s depth or saturation will help determine the mood. During the holidays, few finishes look more festive than shiny ones. Metallics like silver, gold, brass, and copper truly make the season brighter. To make your space unique and eclectic, add a color twist by substituting red with pink, Christmas tree green with teal, or navy with turquoise. Going with unusual color variations can add that “wow” factor to a holiday home. Give it a try, and impress your guests!

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Tried & True Duos || There is true comfort in familiarity. This is why combinations like red & green, and silver & gold often evoke pleasant memories around the holidays. Even examples from the natural world abound, including holly leaves with red berries, and evergreen trees and poinsettia plants. Add silver or gold decorations to greens, and the results can’t help but brighten your outlook. Whether you intentionally have similar hues in furniture is up to you, but just like in nature, a red or green upholstered sofa will work in a room, even after the holidays. If your room consists of mostly neutral-hued furniture, you can add contrasting toss pillows, throws or holiday decorations to make the room look more celebratory.

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Metallics || During the darker days of winter, metallic hues like silver, gold, copper, bronze, brass, and nickel bring much-needed sparkle to your decor. The same is true of winter whites. If you celebrate Hanukkah, the Festival of Light, a silver and blue combination looks just as eye-catching. Of course, metallics look great in any season, and they’re easy to incorporate as accents, such as on chests or as hardware on many other furniture pieces. Likewise, if you prefer less contrast, silver with white looks wintry and festive, and retains its frosted beauty even after the holidays.

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Advanced Combos || To increase the sophistication level, consider pairing less obvious color combos like burgundy with gold, copper with navy, chartreuse with turquoise, silver with purple, or gold with graphite grey. These duos can look just as festive as traditional contrasting colors, and will appear just as chic after the holiday decorations are taken away.

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