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Classic Blue Is For You || Set the mood with Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year

Each year the color experts at The Pantone Color Institute designate a specific Pantone color as Color of the Year, and for 2020 it’s Classic Blue. According to Pantone, this particular blue represents “sky at dusk,” so while it is a saturated, intense hue, it’s also calm, confident, reassuring, and regal all at the same time. Most of us, without realizing it, have an emotional connection to color, and blue is universally associated with feeling relaxed, cool and serene, which is one reason it works so well in bedrooms. Just look inside your closet, and count how many blue items you have (don’t step on those blue suede shoes). Quite a few, right? It’s an example of a color that goes way beyond being a trend, and becomes a go-to. Whether you consider it classically simple or chicly Parisian, the enduring popularity of blue hues like Classic Blue are easy to use as a base or accent for any room.

Blue Furniture | Classic Blue Is For You | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Side Chairs | Classic Blue Is For You | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

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The Main Event || Because of Classic Blue’s intensity, you may consider it too dark for painting an entire room, though a library or small den would feel cozy in this color. Aside from paint, Classic Blue works especially well on upholstered sofas, accent chairs, consoles, and area rugs, especially in traditionally-styled rooms. Because of its proximity to navy and indigo, Classic Blue works really well in coastal interiors, mixed with whites and greys, or greens and neutral sand hues. It doesn’t get any more classic than to have an outdoor sofa or chairs finished with blue cushions. A different, fun way to use this blue is for a living room coffee table, side table, dining set or console.

Consoles | Classic Blue Is For You | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

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Companion Colors || Classic Blue will also look beautiful with last year’s Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral, for a beachy contrast. To make it even stronger, pair Classic Blue with yellow-gold or orange hues for show-stopping contrast. Incorporate pattern into your room design with an area rug, curtains or throw pillows that have a Classic Blue background with pops of contrasting colors for a lively, eclectic look. No matter which approach you decide to use, your rooms will look good in blue.

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