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Blueprint for Blues

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Ranging from tranquil to moody, blue has a style personality like no other hue. The best part? The shades are cohesive enough to use in each room of your home to evoke a different ambiance. Style with confidence – your blueprint for blues has arrived…

Tranquil Blues || Contrary to how it may sound, tranquil doesn’t necessarily mean light in saturation. It simply means a shade of blue that evokes a sense of calm. Ocean blue hues that have subtle green undertones are great for bedrooms! Studies have shown that painting your bedroom in a slightly more saturated, cool tone will aid in getting a more restful sleep.

Neutral Blues || Yes, blue can even be used as a neutral! Saturation and undertones are the key to turning this primary color into a daringly bold neutral. Seek out airy blues that have gray undertones like Lullaby by Sherwin Williams. This particular hue is great for your walls in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom as it will allow you to easily incorporate bolder accents and furniture like your living room set!

Moody Blues || Sultry and saturated, these blue tones are best used as accent colors as they can be a bit overwhelming when painted on every wall of a room. Make a focal wall by splashing it with a deep sapphire hue or make a statement with a bold blue sofa!

Shades of blue evoke a sense of magic and serenity that no other hue can quite master. When polled, people always have a hard time choosing one color to be their favorite, but they can always pick the one they hate… and it’s rarely blue. Is it because most associate it with the calming nature of the ocean? Or maybe it’s that they equate it to the comfort of putting on their favorite pair of well-worn jeans. Either way blue, in all gradients, is a great color palette choice when designing your home.

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