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Blue & Green Rooms

Blue & Green || Harmonize with a mix of seafaring shades

Blue & Green || Harmonize with a mix of seafaring shades

Few color combinations give off breezy casual vibes more than blue and green. You immediately imagine ocean and sky, calm lake and pine forest, or turquoise beach waters and green seaweed. This cool soothing color mix evokes the soft worn look of seaglass and harmonizes beautifully with natural sand hues. Whether you’re creating a color scheme for your bedroom, living room, dining room, or outdoor space, blue and green give off a relaxing energy that’s easy to embrace.

Though usually associated with muted coastal décor, blue and green can also be used as vibrant complements. Hunter green with light blue; emerald with turquoise; teal with navy; and turquoise with lime green can add punchy tropical vibes to a room.

Putting blue and green together can crate a look that's fresh and inviting

Add a warm hue like coral, red or yellow to the mix for eye-catching contrast. Crisp white furniture and textiles contrast perfectly with these hues both inside and out. Most often, either blue or green is used as a main room color but putting them together can create a look that’s fresh and inviting.

Blue and green combinations also play well with many design styles, including traditional, contemporary, coastal, farmhouse, boho, and shabby chic interiors. If blue is your favorite color, as it is for many people, you can mix it with green without even thinking about it by bringing plants into the room. Since green and blue are so readily found together in nature, they will also work in your home.

Living Room Sectional and Chair with throw pillows

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Living Room || You can think of blue and green as neutrals in your living room. Because they’re next to each other on the color wheel (analogous), they have a natural affinity for each other. You can anchor your space with a blue or green upholstered sofa or sectional. Add toss pillows or an area rug with blue and green patterns to continue the color scheme.

If you want a bolder look, start with a navy blue sofa and add seafoam or chartreuse toss pillows. A rug with an intricate pattern, either traditional or modern abstract, will help create energy and drama. Mix coordinating upholstery and textile patterns to create an eclectic vibe, along with vintage painted furniture pieces.

Dining room table with blue chairs

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Dining Room || You may not automatically think of blue and green for a dining room but imagine walls or upholstered chairs in a soft periwinkle blue or mint green. Then add curtains, a rug, artwork, or accessories in varied shades of green and blue. These colors set against brown wood furniture will help your dining space become instantly welcoming and sophisticated.

A blue and green color scheme will work equally well in a farmhouse space that features distressed painted furniture pieces. Your area rug might feature muted seafaring hues or more saturated colors to offset distressed pieces. Blue and green work beautifully in both classic and modern dining rooms.

Bed with blue patterned headboard and footboard

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Bedroom || Create a calm sleep environment with blue and green in your bedroom. With bed linens, it’s easy to mix comforters, pillows, and curtains with blue and green patterns. To make it even cozier, include an upholstered bed with a green or blue headboard. Layers of color and texture will make your bedroom feel luxurious and relaxing.

Neutral hues, including blue and green, always work to create comfort in a bedroom, but sometimes you may want a look that’s more energetic. To increase the cool factor, consider adding purple as an intriguing accent color, maybe in soft lavender, muted aubergine, or saturated grape.

Outdoor patio furniture set with sofa, loveseat, chair and occasional table

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Outdoor Rooms || Using blue and green for your outdoor space is a natural. Navy and white are always classic, and you can think of grass and trees as the green that mixes in effortlessly. You can enhance the blue and green color scheme with outdoor furniture, including upholstered sofas, sectionals, or bar stools.

You can introduce bold pattern with an outdoor rug that features scrolls, trellises, stripes, diamonds, or other geometrics. Accessorize with colorful garden stools, toss pillows, potted plants, hanging lanterns, and string lights. Painted blue or green furniture will also add a fresh coastal vibe for hours of al fresco relaxation.

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