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It's An Open & Shut Case

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Whenever you devise an interior design plan for a room, the finishing touches can truly add a dimension of beauty as well as important function. In addition to throw pillows, objets d’art, fabric trims and other details, furniture hardware can add striking or understated character to your room’s overall look and vibe. Whether you decide on industrial metal bar pulls, painted round knobs, clear acrylic drawer handles, or gleaming brushed nickel door handles, you can establish one cohesive theme or an eclectic mixed aesthetic that will bring your space to life.

Finishing Touches | Hardware Decisions Made Easy | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Dressers | Hardware Decisions Made Easy | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog 

Function || Depending on the size and style of your furniture, the accompanying hardware should enhance its function. For example, if you have a tall bedroom dresser, it may be awkward bending down to open the bottom drawer(s). A long horizontal drawer pull is a good hardware option instead of a knob because it’s easy to grab from the sides as well as the center. In a similar way, if you have, say, a farmhouse-style console with sliding barn doors, vertical metal handles will make it easy to slide the doors back and forth. If you have round knobs, it might be tougher to operate, and a knob might look too small for the scale of the piece.

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Shape, Size & Historical Context || Furniture hardware comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes acts as a focal point. For example, on a statement console or bar, the door pulls might be a pair of large figural or geometric shapes that give the piece its unique character. Starting in the Victorian era, the industrial revolution and mass production gave way to more affordable pricing and more competition, resulting in highly ornamental metal (usually cast-brass or cast-bronze) hardware with lion heads, flowers, scrolls, crests, and more elaborate designs. Though we usually think of antique hardware made of metal, some pieces were made of carved wood, porcelain, glass, or a combination of materials.

The 1920s gave way to faceted crystal doorknobs, and gold-accent hardware, followed by streamlined Art Deco and Arts & Crafts styles in simple geometric shapes. As with fashion trends, hardware styles have changed and re-emerged over the decades, and many Victorian and other styles have been revived with a contemporary twist using different finishes.

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Material & Finish || Beginning with the Modern era, approximately 1930s to 1950s, hardware design and function became much simpler with linear, less decorative shapes. New materials like chrome and Bakelite hard plastic became widely popular, and greatly enhanced the furniture pieces of the Art Deco period. Today’s hardware choices run the gamut, from boho-chic acrylic & brass to antique brass, antique bronze, and rose gold. Stainless steel and brushed metals like nickel, pewter, bronze, and brass are all about texture as well as unique visual appeal. And, with the enduring appeal of rustic farmhouse styles, hardware now comes with instant antique patinas that are achieved through various modern manufacturing processes.

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