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Style Grows Up

Big Style for the Little Ones || Kids’ rooms take shape with cribs, bunk beds, chairs & more

If you have any experience with kids, you know they often have minds of their own. And, as they grow and reveal their unique personalities, they have definite ideas about their bedrooms, and how they should look. In addition to fun design and aesthetics, as a parent, you want to ensure your kids’ rooms are safe and well organized (let’s face it, stepping on plastic building blocks and sliding on discarded coloring books is not much fun). You also need them to be adaptable to your children’s phases – one month it could be dolls and unicorns, the next it might be video games and drum kits. When creating the ideal space for your kids, it helps to anchor it with sturdy, versatile furniture pieces like convertible cribs, bunk beds, nightstands, bookcases, dressers, desks, and chairs. Ultimately, you want them to feel secure to play, learn, explore, and dream in comfort.

Anchor your kids' space with sturdy, versatile pieces that help them feel secure and comfortable.

Big Style for the Little Ones || Kids’ rooms take shape with cribs, bunk beds, chairs & more

The Early Years || In addition to plush fabrics and a colorful but restrained palette, you want your child’s nursery to be a calm sleep zone. A convertible crib is a great place to start. This piece provides a safe place for your baby to sleep, and converts to a toddler bed with the addition of a rail (some models also convert to a daybed and full-sized bed). It often comes with a few mattress heights so you can adjust it as your child grows. Another helpful item is a changing tray with main and side compartments that you can place atop a dresser for a designated space to change your baby’s diaper.

Big Style for the Little Ones || Kids’ rooms take shape with cribs, bunk beds, chairs & more

Evolving & Transitioning || If your home’s space is tight, and your family is growing, a bunk bed is an ideal space saver that’s also fun for your kids. It’s also a good option if they have friends over for slumber parties. You can opt for Twin over Twin, Full over Full, and even Twin over Full sizes, some with underbed storage to consolidate pillows, blankets, and other items. Some styles include a bottom trundle that can be used as an extra bed or for storage. Teaching your kids to clean up their space is a worthy goal, achievable by including a bookcase, dresser or chest to keep clothes and toys as neatly organized as possible. Encourage their creativity and help them develop good study habits by adding a desk and chair for computer work, reading, writing, drawing, and more.

Big Style for the Little Ones || Kids’ rooms take shape with cribs, bunk beds, chairs & moreFinishing Touches || Let your kids personalize their walls with a bulletin board or cork board for displaying artwork, photos, souvenirs, and fun mementos that are important to them. In addition to furniture storage pieces, woven baskets are handy for stashing toys, art supplies, and other items that may not enjoy daily use. Decorative items can run the gamut from a favorite fun-shaped lamp to funky art prints and posters on the walls, as well as calendars, photos, and mirrors. In addition, comforters, curtains, and rugs allow them to express their affinity for different colors, styles, and patterns, and these items can be easily switched out as they get older.

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