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Best Guest Rooms || Comfort + a touch of luxury = a 5-star experience for friends & family

With holiday season around the corner, chances are good you’ll have guests visiting, or you’ll be a guest in someone else’s home. Whether the visit is for a single night, long weekend or extended stay, a guest space should be clean, functional, and, above all, comfortable. Depending on your space and budget, it can be simply furnished or worthy of a five-star hotel rating that’s packed with amenities. Essentials to consider when you create your guest room include a sturdy, comfortable bed, nightstand, chair, desk, good lighting, rug, and plenty of blankets and pillows. Many guest rooms occupy smaller spaces, and often double as an office, den or extra storage room, so they need to be flexible. This is when sleep sofas, daybeds, and plenty of shelves or furniture with storage really become useful. Extra amenities might be anything from a basket of snacks or toiletries to a recliner, flat-screen TV, and easy Wi-Fi access.

Guest Rooms | Best Guest Rooms | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Daybeds | Best Guest Rooms | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Beds & Daybeds || The foundation of a cozy guest room is the right bed and mattress. In most cases a twin- or full-size bed works well because it won’t take up too much space. If you normally use the room as an office or den, a sleep sofa is a great option because of its convertible aspect. In addition, if you want to place a coffee table in front of the sleep sofa, use one with casters so it’s easy to move aside when you open up the bed. Another flexible option is a daybed, which offers a more tailored look to the room. You can choose one with an underbed trundle for extra sleeping space or for storage – even one with a built-in bookcase for a mini library or to display prized collections.

Chairs | Best Guest Rooms | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Chairs, Benches & Desks || Whether guests enjoy reading, watching TV or just relaxing, a comfortable chair is a must – wing chairs, swivel chairs, and recliners are all comfy choices, and can help the room feel like a personal B&B retreat. Sometimes a chair is also useful for propping up a weekend bag or personal belongings. Likewise, a bench placed at the foot of the bed is handy for putting on shoes or for storing bags underneath. A compact secretary desk with a fold-down top is convenient for when you use a laptop or do paperwork.

Nightstands | Best Guest Rooms | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Extra Amenities || Sometimes it’s the little things that can mean the most to your guests. If space is limited or there’s no available closet space, a luggage rack is perfect. Having a nightstand with a lamp for reading, and a clock are helpful. Even better, add a coaster for a drink, and a small tray or bowl for holding jewelry, spare change or other personal items. A nightstand with a built-in USB port for charging your electronic devices is a great modern convenience. Extra pillows and blankets are always appreciated. Having a mini fridge nearby that’s stocked with beverages and snacks is a nice luxury, as well as a coffee/tea maker. While you’re at it, why not place a piece of wrapped chocolate on the bed pillow, and you’re sure to be rewarded with a 5-star review.

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