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Building A Better Bedroom

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Bedroom Upgrades || Make your space work better with storage beds, chiffarobes & more

As you prepare to spend more time indoors in the coming months, it may be a good time to re-evaluate your rooms – especially your bedroom. Your private haven is primarily used for sleep, but with increased usage, you need it to be more flexible. Depending on space, you may want it to contain an office corner, reading nook, impromptu yoga studio, dressing area, or TV/movie entertainment center. Your bed will likely be the focal point, so you should ensure that it includes all the details and functions to maximize your space. In addition to supplying a framework for the perfect mattress, you want your bed to work as a cozy spot for reading, watching a favorite show, or occasionally catching up on emails on your laptop. Modern conveniences like underbed storage, built-in reading lights, and a power strip with USB ports help to maximize efficiency while reducing clutter. Ultimately, your bedroom should feel calm, as well as inspiring – a place you can’t wait to see at the end of the day that’s always welcoming and comfortable.

Ultimately, your bedroom should be welcoming, comfortable, inspiring, and flexible.

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Bed Built-Ins || In addition to looking regal and cozy, a headboard can serve multiple functions. You can choose one with cubbies or shelves for books and decorative objects. Some designs feature built-in adjustable reading lights, and a power outlet with USB port for charging electronic devices. To keep your bedroom uncluttered, a storage bed is the perfect solution. Pull-out drawers on the side or footboard can store anything from pillows and blankets to paperwork and kids’ toys.

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Storage Solutions || A chest or dresser will help organize your folded wardrobe beautifully. Even better if it has a felt-lined drawer with compartments to store jewelry, and cedar-lined drawers to keep sweaters and other clothing items fresh. If closet space is limited, a chiffarobe is the perfect furniture piece, usually with a combination of adjustable shelves and drawers, a clothing rod for hanging garments, and a mirror on the front for added function. Some chiffarobes may also be used as entertainment centers to house TVs, computers, stereo components, and more.

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Multiple Room Functions || Even though it’s primarily used for sleep, your bedroom can be designed to multitask with a designated office corner with a desk and chair. Or, it may feature a space that can be cleared for yoga and other exercises. You may also want space for a vanity table with a stool to sit and apply makeup or nail treatments. If you’re outfitting a kids’ room, a loft or bunk bed with a built-in desk and storage is a great space saver that will keep their essentials organized, and easily accessible. A bookcase bed is another useful option with shelves and cubbies for books, toys, and other prized items.

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