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The most personal space in your home deserves the most personality and most thoughtful design. Transform your bedroom into a relaxation haven that is unique to you in three easy steps.

Curated Color || Decide on a color palette that speaks to you. Creating a tranquil aura can be achieved with hues of blue, purple, and teal as they are known for encouraging sleep and relaxation. While warmer hues promote a lively environment and aren’t recommended for the bedroom, the colors that make you happy are best for your space. If you are uneasy about deciding on wall color entirely, give yourself a blank canvas to work with and choose white. Then you can add in pops of whatever colors you love with décor, furniture, and textiles and maybe even an accent wall! Just be sure the colors you choose harmonize into a calming overall look; cohesiveness is key.

Optimized Organization || It is no secret that our surrounding environment has a direct impact on our moods. Keep your bedroom neat and organized with storage solutions that go beyond the norm. Many beds, including those with the super cozy tufted headboards, have side drawers under the bed or at the foot of the bed making them a perfect solution for small spaces. Have room to spare? Add a bench to the end of your bed that features hidden storage. Many ottomans have the same feature and come in great textures and colors that will truly elevate your space!


Thoughtful Details || Love to travel? Seek out some vintage suitcases, stack them beside your bed and voila! You have a nightstand and extra storage. Are you a bookworm? You can achieve the same look and functionality (minus the storage) by piling up some of your favorite oversized books. Spend your free time gardening? Create a garden wall by mounting a wooden pallet and decorating it with greenery and votive candles! Take time to curate a collection of décor that is truly unique to you and what you love.

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