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The Case For Organization

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Away Or On Display || Bookcases & cabinets showcase or discreetly store your essentials

Even in the digital age, many of us enjoy relaxing with a good book or magazine in our spare time. If you’re a dedicated reader, having a place to read and store your favorite tomes is essential. If you also like collecting and displaying decorative objects, it’s a great idea to store these items together with prized books, perhaps in a combination hutch and bookcase. The biggest decision you may have to make is, which books and items do you want to show off, and which pieces are not display worthy. Or, maybe you rarely need to access them, so you decide to tuck them away inside a drawer or closed door. Having storage flexibility is the key to designing an efficient space that will contain your books and collections.

Storage | Away Or On Display | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

Bookcases | Away Or On Display | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

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Classic Bookcases || A traditional bookcase with multiple shelves is the simplest way to maximize space for your books and collections. To break the monotony of all books, alternate books with decorative items such as small busts, framed photos, or even plants. Cool design trick: paint or wallpaper the back insides for visual interest. You can also switch items out seasonally: replace your winter light-up snowman on the top shelf with a lush plant, flamingo figurine or something with a tropical feel for the warmer months. If space is tight, consider a corner shelf étagère for a living room, bedroom, hallway or home office. Another popular option – if you want to keep items easily accessible out in the open – is a ladder bookcase with narrow shelves at the top, and wider ones at the bottom.

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Multifunctional Storage Pieces || To maximize efficiency, furniture with multiple uses are ideal. These include bookcase beds, armoires, entertainment centers, office cabinets, and coffee tables with drawers and/or bottom shelves. If you enjoy reading in bed, a bookcase bed is perfect with shelves in the headboard, and some styles even have a built-in adjustable reading light, plus storage drawers or a trundle on the side. This option is also great for a kid’s bedroom or guest room. If you have less space, a bookcase daybed is another excellent choice. For your living room or den, a coffee table with a bottom shelf and drawers is also good for both storing and displaying books, and decorative objects. If you have a dedicated home office, make room for every necessity with a combination hutch, bookcase and desk.

Bookcases | Away Or On Display | Jordan's Furniture Life&Style Blog

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Extras || If you’re lucky enough to have a dream home library, hang artwork over a shelf of books for a sophisticated gallery look. If you’re a color enthusiast and have extra time, coordinate your books alphabetically or group similar spine colors together. Depending on your space, a pair of bookcases flanking a fireplace or large piece of furniture is a great way to add sophisticated symmetry, and display favorite treasures. If your shelves are deep enough, a good trick is to layer objects with taller items at the back, and smaller trinkets or framed photos at the front. Experiment with size and scale of objects to create the most visual interest. Just make sure you keep books or items you use frequently at the front so they’re easily accessible.

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