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When it comes to relaxing at home, is there such a thing as getting too comfortable? Putting any inherent laziness aside, there are times when the ultimate luxury is not having to get up to find a plug to recharge your favorite electronic device. Whether your downtime is spent in a recliner or sofa, or propped up in bed, there are more options than ever for staying connected while you unwind. According to a recent survey, 77% of Americans go online daily, and the typical household contains five connected devices. With this much electronics activity, it’s easy to see why many people enjoy the convenience of having a chair, sofa, nightstand, table or bed that’s equipped with a power strip and/or USB port for anytime charging.

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Jordan's Furniture

Sofas & Recliners || A comfy sofa or recliner feels even more luxurious if it features a place to recharge your favorite device while you relax and watch TV. You can really have it all with a power recliner that swivels, rocks, reclines, and even lets you adjust the headrest to your desired comfort level. This multifunctional type of recliner also includes a USB port on the control panel to keep your device charged while you relax or take a power nap. You’ll also find similar features on power sofas, loveseats, and sectionals, with some models featuring a center console for storing your remote, plus two cup holders, and a USB port.

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Tables & Nightstands || Typically, your bedroom is a place to unplug, but if you use your smartphone as your wakeup alarm or want to have it handy for an emergency, a nightstand with a power strip and USB port is ideal. Likewise, you can place a chairside table with a built-in USB station in your living room next to a chair or sofa to recharge your devices anytime. In addition, a console table with a power strip and USB port is the perfect choice for an entryway, office or kitchen.

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Beds & Power Bases || There are many factors that contribute to an extraordinary night’s sleep, and, in addition to the right mattress for your body, your bed is also very important. Sometimes, convenient extras can make relaxation time even better. Consider a bed that’s equipped with a USB station on either side of the headboard, so you and your partner can both recharge an electronic device. In similar fashion, some adjustable power bases include built-in USB ports for convenient charging without leaving your comfort zone.

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