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Anatomy of a Home Cinema

Living Room

Creating a theater experience inside your home has never been easier now that televisions are getting larger, clearer, and smarter. Give your brain an escape from reality and indulge in your favorite television show or latest blockbuster without leaving the comfort of your own home. You have the television, now you need the furniture to complete the room.

Seating || For the ultimate cozy experience, a plush oversized sectional is the way to go. Consider one in durable upholstery like Sunbrella so if someone spills you won’t have to think twice about it. Sectionals also give you the ability to achieve a couple different seating configurations. Leather recliners will give you the most authentic look and feel of a theater and come in a few different variations such as loveseats and sectionals. Zero clearance recliners will maximize the amount of seating you’ll be able to fit in the room. Add some cozy blankets and let the film roll.

Storage Unit || The size of your television will depend on the storage unit you purchase. Wall units can house most televisions up to 70 inches, sound system, and other consoles. They also give you the ability to add a few personal touches such as picture frames or fan memorabilia. Or if that’s not your style, consider a smaller console that will still keep your accessories organized, but on a minimalist level. Some even have built-in fireplaces for added ambiance and coziness!

Snack Bar || For a touch of whimsy and added authenticity, create your own concession stand so good snacks and drinks are only a foot away! If space is tight you can achieve a similar feel with a fully stocked bar cart too!

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