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360 Degrees of Comfort

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Chairs That Move || Feeling restless? Get relaxation action with swivel chairs, rockers, gliders & power motion

When it comes to finding the best seat in the house, you really can have it all. Stationary chairs, sofas, and chaise lounges have their place, but sometimes you want something more. Whether you spend time indoors or outside, there are plenty of ways to increase your comfort level with furniture that reclines, rocks, swivels, glides, or adjusts your position by way of a power remote control.

Increase your comfort level with furniture that moves…

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Reliable Recliners || When it comes to relaxing at home, almost all of us have a favorite chair, and often it's a recliner. There's nothing better than coming home after a long day, and kicking your feet up on a recliner. If it also rocks, it's a natural for listening to your favorite tunes, or rocking a little one to sleep in their nursery. Whether you prefer a traditional wall recliner or one with remote-controlled power features, chances are its plush upholstery may relax you enough to put you to sleep, even with the TV on.

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Seats of Power || When you want luxurious comfort at your fingertips, go with a power recliner. This amazingly comfortable chair lets you recline at your desired level with the touch of a button, and some also have a power tilt headrest to customize the angle to make it better for TV watching. If you have health issues and have trouble getting up from a chair, some models have a power lift feature that lifts you out of the chair using the remote. Most power motion furniture also has a built-in USB port so you can charge an electronic device while you relax. In addition to chairs, you can find power sofas, loveseats, and sectionals to maximize seating and comfort options. You can even opt for a battery pack that lets you save electricity and operate your furniture with battery power. In addition, you don't have to deal with any unsightly power cords. This useful accessory usually includes an LED power indicator that shows the level of power in the tank, and an interactive power alert when the battery runs low.

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The Works || A chair with multiple functions is the furniture equivalent of an everything bagel. Whether you just can't sit still for long, feel a nap coming on, or want to chat with more than one guest without getting up, a chair that does it all is within reach. Today, you can find plenty of furniture that can perform a combination of functions: recline, rock, swivel, glide, adjust your headrest, and even massage your back with the touch of a remote.

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