Temperature Regulating

Temperature Regulating

Sleep too Hot or too Cold?

  • When individuals become too hot or too cold sleep is disturbed – tossing and turning, waking, throwing the covers off, etc… and you wake up feeling groggy and tired.

  • Traditional bedding can trap warm, moist air.  This leads to an uncomfortable sleeping environment which works against what your body is naturally trying to do…cool down. 

  • During menopause Skin Temp can increase as much as 6° F.  1.3 grams /minute of perspiration during a hot flash would double the rate of heat loss then resulting in chills.

  • Do you sleep Hot and your partner sleeps Cold Or Visa versa?

Whether Temperature fluctuations are internal or external, finding the right balance can be a challenge. Jordans Sleep Lab can help with Thermasleep and OUTLAST® products. We have sleep solutions that can help regulate your sleeping temperature which in turn will improve your quality of sleep. 

A complete selection of Temperature regulating products, including mattress protectors, sheets, blankets, etc…, is available at all our retail locations. 

Also, be sure to explore all our available temperature regulating products online.