Sleep accessories for sale at Jordan's Furniture stores in MA, NH and RI

Sleep Accessories

Improve your sleep health with a few of these extras.

ENHANCE YOUR SLEEP environment by adding a few key sleep accessories.

  • Allergy Covers —Encasing your bed and pillow with dust mite protective covers is the single most important step in controlling exposure to indoor allergens in your home.
  • Mattress Protection —Incontinence, bedwetting, and/or night sweats can have a profound impact on the quality of life for sufferers. Jordan’s Sleep Lab provides solutions and products that can protect your sleep surfaces from these conditions.
  • Pillows —The right pillow is essential to achieving quality sleep. We carry a variety of different styles from which to choose.
  • Supports —Jordan's Furniture carries a thorough collection of bed frames for a variety of sleep environments.
  • Temperature Regulating – Whether temperature fluctuations are internal or external, Jordans Sleep Lab has sleep solutions that can help regulate your sleeping temperature which in turn will improve your quality of sleep.