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Our Sleep Knowledgebase

Here are the sleep research professionals in the Greater Boston area. Visit their sites and read the latest sleep studies.

SLEEP AFFECTS OUR HEALTH in many ways. Good sleep is something we attempt to achieve every single day of our lives. Unfortunately, few of us manage this on a regular basis.

Our paths through life include events that affect our sleep. Newborns, new jobs, and even diets can greatly influence the quality and quantity of our sleep. In turn, poor sleeping habits can have a profound impact on our lives—safety, emotionality, performance, and even IQ.

Our Sleep Lab technicians study sleeping disorders and health conditions so that they understand the challenges so many of us with regard to our sleep. They are not doctors, but our technicians do thoroughly understand their role in helping you improve your sleeping environment and experience.

To learn more about our technicians, visit Jordan’s “Sleep Lab Technicians” page.

Beyond sleep disorder centers, there are countless medical and science-based centers that focus on the important role sleep plays in our overall well being. Here are several resources on the subject:

  • Better Sleep Council—Supported by the industry, this non-profit organization is devoted to educating the public about the importance of sleep and the role it plays in our overall health and quality of life.

  • Boston Pain Care Center—This 20,000-square-foot medical center was designed by physicians looking to treat patients suffering from chronic pain conditions. It includes a secure setting for the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders.

  • Harvard Sleep and Health Education Program—This resource stems from the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School. The program is the collaborative effort of Harvard Medical School and WGBH Education Foundation.

  • National Sleep Foundation—An independent, non-profit organization, this effort aims to improve public health and safety by promoting the understanding of sleep and sleep-related disorders and illnesses. It does this through public education, research, and advocacy.

  • Sleep Products Safety Council—This non-profit service organization was established in 1986 by the International Sleep Products Association. Its mission is to provide consumers with information, supporting research, and promotional actions that advance the safety of sleep products sold in the United States.

  • Talk About Sleep—An “all-in-one-place” online destination, this site aggregates sleep information for patients, medical practitioners, healthcare professionals, academic researchers, and vendor members of the sleep community.

Further Reading Recommendations

In addition to the links above, Jordan’s Sleep Lab also recommends the following books:

  • Remmy and the Brain Train by Dr. James Maas—This is a great children’s book that may actually entice them into wanting to go to bed early.

  • The Promise of Sleep by Dr. William C. Dement—This book is largely considered the premier text addressing the importance of a healthy sleep.

  • The Power of Sleep by Dr. James Maas—This book focuses on the effects of sleep deprivation and sets proper strategies for paying back “sleep debt."