Adustable Foundations Available from Jordan's SleepLab at Jordan's Furniture

Power Bases

Change the position of your sleep, and change the quality of your rest.

MANY ASPECTS OF SLEEP, and even everyday life, can be positively impacted by replacing a traditional flat foundation with a Power Base. You can position yourself for ideal comfort, whether for watching TV, enjoying family time, relaxing, reading ... and, of course, sleeping.

By changing the position of a Power Base, you can relieve stress and strain on your back. Power Bases have long been recommended for people with respiratory, circulation, fibromyalgia, or heart problems as well as those suffering from hiatal hernias or acid reflux symptoms.

Address health issues, or simply enjoy the ultimate in luxury.

Jordan's Sleep Lab offers many different styles and sizes of Power Bases, each with slightly different features.

Brands of Power Bases Include:

Jordan's Sleep Labs have over 60 mattresses that can be combined with Power Bases, from the following brands:

Visit a Sleep Lab location near you, and ask one of our Sleep Lab technicians about our Power Base options, and how they can improve the quality of your rest.