Organic, Natural or Simply Green

Natural vs. Simply Green

What's the Difference?

Mattresses can be Eco-Friendly and natural too! Many of our mattresses have an Eco-Friendly or natural message to them. We label our online product with the icons below for easy recognition.

Our Green Leaf System

In order to help our customers differentiate Earth-friendly Sleep Lab products from other merchandise, we affix our own green leaf icons to them. There are two different Sleep Lab product icons you'll see on this Web site:

Organic is a bit different than natural. Unlike certified organic products, natural products are permitted to employ pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and/or hormones during the growing and raising of raw materials.

Simply Green

Many of the products featured at Jordan’s Furniture are considered green. These products use components designed to minimize the impact on our environment. Jordan's Sleep Lab refers to these products as Simply Green. Simply Green may mean using less petro chemicals, or making use of recycled materials, or using natural components in the finished product. All good considerations for the environment.

If you are looking to support products that fit ecology into their manufacturing, look for the Simply Green leaf symbol outlined above.

Visit a Sleep Lab location near you, and ask one of our Sleep Lab technicians to explain more about our organic and simply green options.