Learn why you should choose memory foam, visco-elastic foam and other foam mattresses in this article from the Jordan's Furniture Sleep Lab.

Hybrid Beds

Combine the active support of an innerspring with the cradling comfort and durability of either memory foam or latex foam.

What is "Hybrid" construction? Simply put, it is the combination of two thought processes into one design. In this case, innerspring construction combined with healthy layers of premium foams. The beds often look like specialty mattresses (all foam construction), but are more traditional in the sense that they have innerspring support.

Hybrid construction is nothing new to Jordan's Furniture. We were the first to promote the Original Hybrid, "Best of Both Worlds", concept back in 2009. The mattress industry is focusing a lot of attention on this category, and we have memory foam hybrid sleep surfaces, and latex hybrids.

We are big proponents of memory foam and latex. Both are premium foams that offer the best in the way of pressure management and support characteristics.

Brands of Hybrid Mattresses offered:

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