Acid Reflux Mattress Foundations at Jordan's Furniture

Acid Reflux Foundations

A new slant on acid reflux relief.

IT’S A NEW SLANT on acid reflux relief. The Reflux Foundation at Jordan’s Sleep Lab is a mattress foundation that’s higher at one end. This way, you sleep with your body at an angle. By elevating your head and throat, gravity works to help keep the acidic contents of the stomach from affecting the esophagus.

With the Reflux Foundation, you can sleep comfortably on your stomach, back, or side without bending awkwardly. Other mattress wedges or pillow solutions force you to sleep on your back or bend at the waist, placing additional pressure on the abdomen—and actually increasing the likelihood of acid reflux.

Visit a Sleep Lab location near you, and try our reflux foundation to see if they're right for you or shop online.