Boston Pain Care centers in partnership with Jordan's Furniture stores in MA, NH and RI

Boston Paincare

Partners committed to improving your quality of sleep.

Working with Boston Paincare is just another reason why we are number #1 in mattresses.

Boston Paincare in Waltham, MA is a group of dedicated physicians who sought to fill a gap in chronic pain care when they started their practice in 2007. After years of treating chronic pain patients in a hospital setting, these doctors came together to find a better, more patient-centric concept to treat and manage pain. They carefully designed an integrated practice that makes it easier on patients to receive care from multiple specialists working closely together, all in one place.

That's why at Jordan's our Sleep Techs are trained by Boston Paincare to understand pain and the adverse affects that pain could have on the quality of your sleep.

Our Sleep Techs can recommend the right sleep surface to help with back or neck pain or symptoms from conditions like fibromyalgia, or acid reflux. The right mattress and pillow may not make the pain go away but it could help to reduce it.

Jordan's SleepLab, the only place that you can buy a mattress where the salesperson understands your pain.

Visit Boston Paincare’s Website for more information.

Boston Paincare