Protecting Against Bed Bugs and Mites

Protect Against Bed Bugs

Fight off bed bug infestations by protecting your mattress with the right products.

BED BUGS are a growing problem. They are “hitchhikers," meaning they transfer from host to host, going easily from infested areas to non-infested areas. Just because you don’t have an infestation of bed bugs today, that does not mean you can’t have one tomorrow.

Bed bugs are small parasites. They are so tiny that they often go unseen by the naked human eye. Normally, it takes a large infestation of these parasites before a person notices there is a problem. That makes preventative measures especially important to take.

Mattress and foundation encasements are easy, cost-efficient, and very effective. Their materials and product designs keep bed bugs out long before an infestation can begin.

Learn more about our mattress protection products, and begin your fight against bed bugs today.