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Learn the Value of Sleep

The health of our bodies is directly related to rest. Consider this section a resource for living well.

Sleep is the time when the human body can rejuvenate and heal. At Jordan’s Sleep Lab, our objective is not just to sell you a mattress, but to provide you—and your body—with a means of fighting illness, staying sharp, and being happy.

Please navigate through the clickable “Understanding Sleep” links below for more facts and tips about getting a better night’s sleep.

  • Boston Paincare - Working with Boston Paincare is just another reason why we are number #1 in mattresses.
  • ProtectABed.com —All things mattress protection, this Web site has also partnered with Sleep Lab. Learn to shield yourself from such hygiene issues as bed bugs and dust mites.
  • Healthy Bedroom —Your bedroom should encourage a restful night’s sleep. For five key factors in a proper sleep environment, follow this link. 
  • Mattress Types —Jordan’s Sleep Lab provides high-quality bedding manufactured with the best materials, using the latest technologies. Listed on this page are some of the mattress types we offer.
  • Local Sleep Centers —The Greater Boston area is home to a number of sleep centers and sleep research facilities, all equipped to diagnose and treat various sleep conditions and disorders. The list on this page contains Web site links to some of those facilities.
  • Other Sleep Health Resources —Beyond Sleep Lab, there are countless medical and science-based centers that focus on the important role sleep plays in our overall well being. Several resources on the subject are listed on this page.