Air Technology

Customized Comfort.

Jordan’s Furniture Sleep Labs offer the latest in innovation when it comes to “airbeds”. iQ by Beautyrest is not your typical airbed, it’s more advanced than the traditional air filled sleep surfaces of today. iQ by Beautyrest is “self-adjusting”. There are no pumps, motors, electronics, or remotes. It’s intuitive! It adapts to your needs as they are changing.

The technology is provided by the Smart Response foam chambers within the surface. These foam chambers sense, respond, support, and continually provide appropriate pressure relief to the sleeper(s). Traditional airbeds can be manually adjusted to fit your needs, but what happens when you toss and turn? The traditional airbed cannot acclimate to your new position. iQ by Beautyrest will acclimate!

No sleep surface can suit your needs quite like a mattress with the ability to change. iQ by Beautyrest is a great option for couples if you have different preferences of comfort/support, or like most couples, maybe you have different body types and shapes.

Clinically proven technology, used in over 1200 medical facilities to assist with pressure relief, the technology behind iQ by Beautyrest is unique in so many ways.

Certain chronic health conditions such as fibromyalgia, disc related pain, circulation issues, and arthritis to name a few, can be positively affected by air technology sleep surfaces. Visit a Sleep Lab location near you, and ask one of our Sleep Lab technicians about our iQ by Beautyrest models.