Jordan's Furniture Sleep Lab technicians

Our Technicians

Sleep Lab technicians assist you in selecting the right mattress for your particular needs.

JORDAN’S SLEEP TECHNICIANS receive training that you just won’t find at other mattress retailers. Every technician knows how to guide you through the mattress selection process.

Our SleepTechs are trained by Boston Pain Care to understand pain and the adverse affects that pain might have on the quality of your sleep. Our Sleep Technicians can recommend the right sleep surface to help with back or neck pain, or symptoms from conditions like fibromyalgia, or acid reflux.

With hundreds of sleep surfaces available, choosing a mattress can be confusing and complex. Our sleep technicians are here to assist you in making the right choice for your individual needs.

Using such cutting-edge equipment like our "JaZzzz" technology, as well as up-to-date information about common sleep conditions, our techs will help you to understand which sleep surfaces are best for your particular needs—and which ones we would not recommend (and why).

Come to any Jordan’s Sleep Lab location today and introduce yourself. We are very passionate about what we do. Our technicians will be happy to speak with you about your sleep needs.