Mattressess for sale at Jordan's Furniture stores in MA, NH and RI

A Matter of Trust

When it comes to selecting a new sleep surface, it's a matter of trust. Here are some suggestions when buying a new mattress.

WHEN BUYING A MATTRESS, it's a matter of trust. You want to be sure you know who you're dealing with. It's very important that you do your homework. After all, not all mattresses or retail outlets are the same.

We are confident that you’ll find the best mattress shopping experience at Jordan’s Furniture. So, while you’re out there shopping, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Do Ask Questions. Buying a mattress is a “blind” purchase. That is, you really have no idea what’s inside. Jordan’s Sleep Lab technicians can explain the differences between and benefits of the various sleep systems.

  • Do Your Homework. Make sure you can trust the retailer of your mattress purchase. Do some research on the Internet. Look at consumer reviews. Then, using a search engine, compare consumer reactions to all the various bedding retailers—including us.

  • Be Wary. If you see a model at the Sleep Lab, then see it somewhere else for less, be sure to look carefully at all the features and characteristics of that other model. Chances are it’s either a different mattress or of a lesser quality. Just like TVs or appliances, mattresses come in many models.

  • Look for Details. If you can't see what's inside the mattress , how can you compare products? At Jordan's Sleep Lab we show you what's inside and have fact tag information outlining everything inside of each mattress we sell.

  • Know the Law. Jordan’s Furniture fully supports the Massachusetts State Legislature’s 2008 law requiring mattress retailers to label any bedding ever having been sold—even if returned in original packaging—as “previously purchased.” Jordan’s Furniture never has (and never will) re-sell a mattress as new.

  • PLEASE NOTE: With Jordan’s Underprice Guarantee, you are assured the lowest price everyday. See the Underprice Policy page for more information.