Sealy Optimum mattresses for sale at Jordan's Furniture stores in MA, NH and RI

Sealy Optimum

Optimum Temperature, Optimum Comfort, Optimum Support.

Save up to $600 on select Posturepedic Mattresses and Adjustable Bases at Jordan's Furniture stores in CT, MA, NH and RI Save up to $500 on Sealy Optimum and Reflexion Power Bases at Jordan's Furniture stores in CT, MA, NH and RI

All foam sleep surfaces are gaining popularity in today’s market. Nearly every major manufacturer incorporates gel, memory foam, or latex into their premium product lines. However, no one utilizes gel quite like Sealy Posturepedic. There is a science behind creating gel surfaces that provide true conformance, support and temperature benefits to the consumer. Sealy Posturepedic combines premium gel memory foam, or Gel Latex with Outlast® technology to provide a cool, comfortable, unique sleeping experience. These surfaces are the only “gel” beds on the market that feature gel from top to bottom! This top to bottom gel feature increases the support of the surface.

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