HAVE YOU EVER WANTED to travel to space? Space Station 3D is your opportunity to blast off into the great unknown and experience life in space with the astronauts. This film will show you how the courageous men and women of the space program live in space.

Over the past 15 years, IMAX cameras have brought the space experience to more than 70 million people around the world. Many astronauts have said, "IMAX is the next best thing to being there." Now, through the magic of IMAX, you can actually be there in space, taking part in the greatest engineering feat of our time - the assembly and operation of the International Space Station. This is an unprecedented international venture, with the participation of 16 nations worldwide.

SPACE STATION 3D will take you to the heart of the action as the astronaut crews put together the largest and most complex structure ever assembled in space. You will float alongside the first men and women to inhabit the station while they set up house, add new modules, and perform scientific experiments, all while experiencing the thrill of life in zero-gravity.