Instruction video library

  • These are sku specific links of known obstacles that have happened in the field.
  • These links can be emailed directly to the inquiring source.
  • Special instructions have been added explaining the link is available for the known obstacle.
Line Vendor Sku Description of obstacle Link
1 LEGA D22037000 Installing shelves into hutch.
2 FOUR All slipcover sofas and loveseats  Removing arm on Four seasons slipcover only UPH for tight delivery
3 WINN E38414280 and E38136780 How to open and secure butterfly leafs
4 HOW How to set up a Howard Miller Floor Clock
5 SIMM Renew Base set up instructions
6 NATP Naturepedic EOS set up instructions
7 ASPN W00114040 Brief narration of steps, bolts and screws to remove at point of NO FIT
 8 AMLE   How disassemble and re-assemble an AMLE sleep sofa
9 WNWD BC8-21635-0 & BE2-216350 King and Queen. How to take apart the HB that was disassembled by Return repair.
10 KINC D02330540 How to open and close the table leafs.
11 LEGA K79043900 Storage draw setup with extension kit and aligning rails properly for slats.
12 LEGA K54429600 & K79429600 Assembly of loose cleats attached to bookcase headboard, correct placement of back bottom rail and bookcase headboard placement for bunk.
13 HTLF LV4199871 Installing a batter pack onto power motion (no Y-splitter)
14 HTLF LV4199871 Installing a batter pack onto power motion (with Y-splitter)
15 VAUB   Using rubber mallet and block to hammer down rails into headboard or footboard securely.
16 FLEX Multiple Attaching the HTLF battery pack to FLEX power motion sofa.
17 ASPN W00673730 Removing top in case of a no fit
18 UNVF K81013100 & K81013120 Using proper hardware to attach the correct bed to the storage unit.
19 ARTF D21120200 & D57120200 Threaded rods not reaching inserts to attach legs. Video displays proper backing out of threaded rod.
20 PLAS T60675920 Using the remote to operate and SINC the fireplace.
21 SIMM S08800970 How to sync 2 SIMM TXL bases
22 Treasure Garden FL9035901 Set up of umbrella bases
23 SOUM Disassembly of power motion due to no fit
24 LEGA DG2600020 and DG2602010 How to attach Island Top to the Island Base
25 UNVF DG0459900 Installing and removing top from a return repair customized island.
26 UNVF DG0439300 How to remove island top for difficult delivery.
27 JOLO All Storage Drawer Beds How to install storage drawer footboard.
28 FUTU Multiple How to disassemble FUTU for a difficult delivery
29 FUTU Multiple How to properly install legs on FUTU upholstery