Jordan's Furniture Retail and Delivery Policies

Policies at a Glance

Jordan's Furniture employs these policies regarding retail and delivery.

POLICIES pertaining to merchandise purchase, delivery, pickup, return, and more are available for your review. Please refer to the policy details pages listed below for a more thorough explanation of each.

  • Underprice Guarantee—Buying the right furniture or mattress at the right price shouldn't be difficult. At Jordan's Furniture, we guarantee it won't be!
  • Delivery and Pickup Policies—Getting your purchase home is easy. Jordan's Furniture aims to provide its customers with a means of arranging for simple, trouble-free delivery or pickup.
  • Furniture Factory Outlet Policy—Factory-new furniture at outlet prices is what Jordan's Furniture Factory Outlet is all about.
  • Colossal Clearance Center Policy—The Colossal Clearance Center is located inside our Avon store. Merchandise available here includes floor models, Jordan's Furniture discounted items, mis-ordered items, and scratched or dented items.
  • Payment, Price Protection, Cancellation, and Refund Policies—For your protection, Jordan's Furniture has instituted policies pertaining to price, payment, refund, and cancellations.
  • Service and Repair Policies—Great customer relations means providing you with great service, and service is at the heart of Jordan's Furniture. In order to pay top-notch attention to the your furniture needs, we have established the following practices.
  • Return Policy—There are times when merchandise has to be returned. Jordan's Furniture tries to make those times as painless as possible.
  • Privacy Policy—Customer privacy is of the utmost importance to Jordan's Furniture. We keep any information entered during ordering and registering confidential.