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Upholstery Cleaning

What you can do to help maintain and clean your upholstered furniture.

WHEN IT COMES TO UPHOLSTERY, Jordan’s Furniture always recommends having upholstered furniture professionally cleaned. After you read through the information below, you should note that Jordan's Furniture also offers Extended Protection Plans that will keep your furniture looking like new, longer. If you have already purchased a product with the Protection Plan and have a question, please click here.

Stain Removal Information

Accidents happen. Whatever your stain or soil scenario, the most important first step is identifying the type of fabric used on that piece of furniture.

Many furniture manufacturers place cleaning codes on upholstery, based on the type of fabric (cotton, wool, silk, etc.)—usually by hangtag or on the manufacturer's label itself. Jordan's Furniture recommends always using a professional cleaning service, as certain products, even water, could alter the product. If you choose to attempt to clean on your own, we strongly suggest testing it first in an inconspicuous area.

Here are the most common furniture upholstery cleaning codes:

  • Code "S"—A Solvent - based cleaner
  • Code "W"—Water – based product could be moderately applied.
  • Code "WS"—Either Water – based or a Solvent – based product may be used to clean its respective fabric type.
  • Code "X","D", or "DC"—Dry cleaning by a professional cleaner is usually recommended, as neither water – based, nor solvent – based products should be used on fabrics coded with this letter.

Also, if you purchased the Extended Protection Program, click here for additional information.

Care and Cleaning Products

Jordan's Furniture always recommends having upholstered furniture professionally cleaned. However, we do offer several tried and tested care products that will help keep your furniture clean.

Please Note: If you are going to use a cleaning product on your furniture, we recommend you follow the directions on the cleaning product closely. We also suggest you spot-test first, applying the cleanser to an inconspicuous part of the furniture and observing its effects before using it on a clearly visible surface

Here are two key upholstery-cleaning packages we offer:

  • Fabric and Microfiber Kit—This collection includes an 8-ounce Fabric and Microfiber Cleaner to thoroughly clean away soil and stains and an 8-ounce Fabric and Microfiber Protector to guard against future stains.
  • Combination Care & Cleaning Kit—This kit is a collection of furniture care products. It is ideal for a household or office space that hosts a variety of furniture types. The kit contains an 8-ounce fabric and microfiber cleaner, an 8-ounce leather softener, a 4-ounce leather cream, a 4-ounce wood polish, three cloths, and two application sponges.