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Outdoor Furniture Care

Extend the life of your outdoor furniture with these tips.

Care and Maintenance for Outdoor Furniture

All-Weather Resin Wicker

All-weather wicker is durable, resistant to sun fading and impervious to the effects of water and humidity, making it ideal for outdoor use.

  • Clean all-weather resin wicker furniture with a mild soap and water solution, wipe dry.
  • Remove debris-like trapped leaves-from getting caught in the weave. Decomposing leaves can cause discoloration.
  • All-weather resin wicker should not be subjected to intense heat. Therefore, do not place resin furniture too close to a grill or a fire.
  • All-weather resin wicker furniture should be stored in a sheltered spot over the winter months.


A strikingly beautiful chocolate brown color when new, Ipé wood is strong,
resists splintering, rotting, insects and mold. After exposure to the sun and the elements, Ipé will age to an elegant silver color.

  • Jordan’s offers a lightly pigmented Ipé Protector that enhances the natural hue of the wood without hiding the grain.
  • Applying the Ipé Protector twice a year (more often in fully exposed, high sunshine surroundings) helps preserve the original chocolate color. Apply with a lint-free cloth or sponge.
  • To return the Ipé from the aged silver color back to the natural color, wash furniture with a mild soap and water solution and let dry. Sand with 120 grit sandpaper until original color is exposed. Finish with 180 grit sandpaper and apply Ipé Protector with a lint-free cloth. Maintain regularly for best results.
  • Ipé can be left outdoors all year long; regular use of the Ipé protector is recommended.
  • Do not use linseed oil or steel wool on Ipé.


Teak is one of the hardest of all wood types, resistant to rotting and the effects of weather. The natural color of teak is honey-brown with a polished look that comes from its built-in reservoir of teak oil. Within 9-12 months of exposure to the elements, if left untreated, teak will age to a silvery-gray color.

  • Jordan's teak maintenance kit provides products for cleaning and maintaining teak furniture.
  • To retain the natural brown teak color, a regular application of teak sealer that contains UV protection is recommended.
  • Atmospheric changes and changes in humidity can cause "checking" on teak furniture. Checking is characteristic fine cracks in the wood's surface. Checking will not negatively affect the use or the lifespan of the furniture.
  • Teak furniture can be left outside year round. If desired, teak furniture can be covered, but the cover material should "breathe".
  • Teak can also be stored in an unheated space. Care should be taken not to move teak from outdoors to a heated area as the drastic change in temperature and humidity can cause damage.


This high-performance recycled plastic material that does not require sealing, will not splinter, and resists fading.

  • For regular cleaning, wash with a mild soap and water solution.
  • Do not pressure wash.
  • To maintain the stainless steel hardware, especially in direct coastal areas or when exposed to salt water, regular rinsing with plain water is recommended.
  • Use of caustic cleaners and harsh chemicals is not recommended.

Cast Aluminum Furniture

Cast aluminum furniture is lightweight, repels rust and stays cooler to the touch. Powder-coated painted surfaces are scratch and fade resistant.

  • Frames should be cleaned with a sponge and a non-abrasive soap. Dish
    detergent should be avoided as it can leave an oily residue.
  • Spills should be wiped with a damp cloth, using a mild soap and water
    solution. Abrasive cleaners should be avoided.
  • Wet cushions will dry faster when placed on their sides to drain.
    Cushions should be stored in a dry area.
  • Keeping furniture covered when not in use helps keep it cleaner (think
    birds flying overhead, or messy trees). Be sure furniture is dry before
  • Store cast aluminum frames in a sheltered area for the winter. If the
    furniture has foot caps, remove them to drain excess water before
    storing. Be sure that all cast aluminum furniture is dry before storing
    to prevent damage from trapped water freezing and expanding.
  • Do not store cast aluminum frames upside down, as many frames are
    designed to drain excess moisture in the upright position.