Applying for a Jordan's Furniture PowerCharge card is easy. Here's how.

Jordan's PowerCharge

Applying for a financing card at Jordan's Furniture is easy. Here are the details.

APPLICATION AND PAYMENT information pertaining to Capital One® N.A.’s PowerCharge financing plans at Jordan’s Furniture is provided on this page. To read about the plans themselves, visit the Financing Options page.

Apply for a PowerCharge

In order to qualify for one of Capital One® N.A.’s PowerCharge financing options at Jordan’s Furniture, please download this PDF application, fill it out, and present it in person at any store location.

Payment Information

To make a payment on your PowerCharge card online, please click here.

The financing period starts once a customer takes possession of the purchased furniture. At that point, payments should be mailed to:

Capital One
P.O. Box 71106
Charlotte, NC 28272-1106

Please Note: Capital One® N.A. does NOT accept payments made by credit card. Jordan’s Furniture cannot accept in-store payments.

Payment Allocation Notice

Those customers with a 6- or 12-month Same As Cash (SAC) balance and a reduced rate balance, monthly payments of any amount will be applied entirely to the reduced rate balance unless 1) the payment is received during the last two billing cycles of the SAC plan and 2) the payment is large enough to cover the entire SAC balance PLUS any minimum payments that are due on the reduced rate balance.

If a customer wishes to redirect any payment in a different order, that must be done by calling a Capital One® N.A. customer service representative at 1-800-423-5771.

Account Information

Here are some quick Capital One® N.A. account facts:

  • Monthly Statements—Capital One® N.A. will mail monthly statements that include information regarding deferred interest charges to date and all promotional expiration dates.
  • Online Access—Account information can be accessed and viewed online at
  • Change of Address—Capital One® N.A. should be made aware of any change to personal information, especially address. Call Capital One® N.A. toll free at 1-800-423-5771.