Beantown at Jordan's Furniture in Reading

It's Boston...Only Sweeter

Visit our Reading store for a surreal Hub experience.

Sweet House

The Old State House in Boston dates back to 1713. The Sweet House at Jordan’s Furniture is much younger—and, frankly, much tastier. This candied model’s walls, columns, and golden dome are made up of over 6 million jelly beans. Inside is a candy shop, selling unique kinds of sweets, like Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Wally The Green Monster

Fenway Park’s mascot Wally is larger and more alive than ever in Jordan’s Beantown in Reading, MA. Sitting atop a life-sized Green Monster made of jelly beans, Wally holds a New York player in his glove. Wally is hungry, ready to enjoy a pinstriped snack! Remember, Jordan’s Furniture is the furniture store of the Boston Red Sox.

Big Dig Ice Cream

No Beantown could be complete without plenty of construction. Jordan’s Furniture decided, however, to make this Big Dig even bigger—and sweeter. The Big Dig is a 40-foot ice cream sundae made from over 4 million jelly beans. It houses a Richardson's Ice Cream shop, too.

Liquid Fireworks

Liquid Fireworks by Waltzing Waters provide a stunning water, light, and sound display. Fountains of water dance in time as lights color and shimmer amidst them. You can sit and enjoy the show as you eat ice cream inside Jordan’s Beantown. Kids and adults alike will love the show.