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On Sunday morning, October 19th, from 9am to noon at the Jordan's Furniture's store in Natick, an event called "Building Families: The Adoption Option" will take place. It is in partnership with the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE). The general public is invited to attend. Although guests can register for the event prior to Sunday through MARE (617-54-ADOPT), all walk-ins are also welcome.

The goal of The Adoption Option is to recruit families who are interested in adopting older children (7 years and up) through foster care. Hopefully, the Jordan's event will attract people to become foster families, all in the hope of finding permanent homes for these deserving children.

"We are willing to do whatever we have to, to find homes for these great kids", says Eliot Tatelman, president of Jordan's Furniture. "With fewer and fewer services aimed at these children, we hope that our efforts can help to fill the void. Finding families that can someday be the final stop in the search for a home is the ultimate goal", says brother Barry, CEO of the furniture retailer.

At the Jordan's event on Sunday morning, October 19th , there will be workshops that address topics such as the adoption process, post-adoption support services, and foster-care training. Guests will also have the opportunity to hear from families who have both adopted and been involved in fostering, along with young adults who were in foster care as children. These different viewpoints will help guests gain perspective from both sides. The morning will conclude with a screening of the IMAX film "Across The Sea of Time", which focuses on the importance of family.

People who have questions or are interested in registering for The Adoption Option can contact Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) directly at 617-54-ADOPT (617-542-3678).

Jordan's Furniture has been a proud partner of MARE for over 5 years, joining forces to help find permanent homes for hard-to-place children who are in foster care. To date, the Jordan's initiatives have helped place over 100 children in loving households. For more information about adoption through foster care, please call Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange at 617-54-ADOPT. Thank you.