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Jordan's Furniture Is Growing!

New distribution site planned for future warehouse operations.

Jordan’s Furniture is proud to announce that they have signed a letter of intent for the acquisition of a 170-acre parcel of land in Taunton, Massachusetts. The site will be developed for a 700,000 square foot warehouse and distribution facility, which will be scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2003. It will be the future home of Jordan’s furniture distribution and will be the anchor project of the new East Taunton Industrial Park, Phase I. Condyne LLC will construct the facility. Insignia is Jordan’s real estate broker.

“We are ecstatic to be part of the City of Taunton and look forward to a wonderful partnership between Jordan’s and the community.” says Jordan’s CEO Barry Tatelman.

At a press conference in the Chester R. Martin Council Chambers, Mayor Ted Strojny welcomed the Jordan’s project. The Mayor pointed out that in this economic slow down that Jordan’s Furniture coming to Taunton, creating more than 400 new jobs, and adding millions of dollars to the City tax base shows that Taunton continues to work for good economic development. “Industrial growth like this brings revenue into our City without the added strain on our schools or municipal services as housing does,” Strojny stated. He also stated that he was pleased with the commitment of the Taunton Development Corporation to acquire the property and develop the new industrial park on Stevens Street including a sizeable infrastructure project of water system improvements and new industrial roads.

Joseph I. Quinn, TDC President, reviewed the initial East Taunton Industrial Park master plan showing the location of the new Jordan’s facility and other industrial lots.

The Park will be developed in phases with restrictive deed covenants similar to TDC’s highly successful 805 acre Myles Standish Industrial Park which has eighty-four companies and over 7,000 employees in 4.5 million square feet of buildings.

The Taunton Development Corporation has entered into an agreement with Condyne, LLC to purchase and market the Park’s individual parcels. Condyne, LLC, the developer of the project, headquartered in Taunton, Massachusetts is one of the top industrial developer in Massachusetts. Condyne has construction 1.5 million square feet in the Myles Standish Industrial Park over the past three years. One of the most active developers in Taunton, Condyne has constructed in excess of twenty three buildings in Taunton including Chadwick’s of Boston, LTD, 331,000 square feet; Keystone Automotive, 116,000 square feet; P & O Cold Logistics, 180,000 square feet; and Trader Joe’s Distribution, 350,000 square feet. Condyne has constructed projects totaling nine million square feet over the past ten years throughout the New England Area.

“This project is a win-win situation for everyone”, says company President Eliot Tatelman. “To bring a project of this size to Taunton will be good for the City. To be able to streamline our distribution system with a large facility will be a plus for Jordan’s. It will enable Jordan’s to expand and handle growth. The facility will give us the ability to open more stores in the future. We are very happy to come to a welcoming City like Taunton”.

Jordan’s Furniture is currently a 4-store retailer with stores in Avon, Natick, Waltham and Nashua, New Hampshire. The company plans on opening a fifth location in Reading, Mass. within the next few years. Jordan’s is well-known for their concept of “shoppertainment” where they combine elements of entertainment into the shopping experience. The President and CEO, brothers Eliot and Barry Tatelman, are also known for their community outreach.

Premier event to be hosted by Buffett, Barry, and Eliot

Jordan's Furniture is proud to announce the brand-new AT&T Broadband IMAX 3D Theater at their location in Natick. Jordan's Furniture, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is hosting a private premier event to launch the theater on August 21st on-site in Natick. Berkshire Hathaway's leader, Warren Buffett, will be along side the two well-recognized leaders of Jordan's, Eliot and Barry, hosting the event.

The furniture duo is taking their business philosophy of combining shopping and entertainment to a new level by opening a 262-seat, 6 story-high screen, 3D theater inside their store. The theater will feature both educational and entertainment-based films. It will open to the public on August 22nd.

"We are so excited to be able to continue to provide our customers with the most entertaining and unique shopping experience," says company CEO Barry. Eliot, his brother and company president, comments "Everybody likes to have fun. What better way to enjoy yourself than shop, relax, and watch a movie."

The new IMAX 3D theater, sponsored by AT&T Broadband, will open with four films, Space Station 3D, Encounters In The Third Dimension, All Access, and Across The Sea of Time. The theater will build a film library and daypart it's programming, attracting schools and families during the day and people looking for an entertainment destination at night. With the increase trend of transferring full-length films to IMAX, the theater at Jordan's will add to their library with many of these Hollywood-produced movies, starting with Apollo 13 in October.

The theater is sponsored by AT&T Broadband, a partnership that both parties see as a win-win situation. "We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with AT&T Broadband because of the number of opportunities that we will be able to create together," says Eliot. Barry adds "Bringing together two quality companies create the potential for some very unique marketing and event possibilities."

"This partnership unites two companies that truly appreciate the value of entertainment for the American family," said David Grain, senior vice president for AT&T Broadband. "Working with Jordan's furniture will continue to deliver marketing synergies and offer us an opportunity to expose our customers to products in an exciting and compelling setting."

The AT&T Broadband IMAX 3D Theater at Jordan's Furniture in Natick will be open to the public on August 22st. For showtimes and IMAX information, call 508-424-0088 or log onto

For more information, please call Heather Copelas at 508-580-4600 ext. 1155.

Jordan's Furniture partners with agencies to recruit parents

Continuing their commitment to the adoption community, Jordan's Furniture worked directly with the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) and the Department of Social Services (DSS) to create a very specialized adoption recruitment event-one that had never been organized before. It took place in July 2002 at Assumption College.

Guests included parents and families who have been home-studied and are ready to adopt a child now. The children who attended the event are currently in foster care and are between the ages of 6 and 16. In all, 110 approved families and 95 children in foster care attended the event.

"It made so much sense to us to bring together these two groups of people that need to find each other, approved families and children waiting to be adopted", said Eliot, president of Jordan's Furniture. His brother and CEO of the company, Barry, added "We created a very comfortable and fun atmosphere where adults and children could get to know each other throughout the day and, hopefully, some matches would be made."

The event, held on the campus of Assumption College in Worcester, was chosen because it is centrally located and would attract families from throughout the state. Likewise, the children in foster care came from as far as Springfield and Cape Cod to attend. The day began at 10am with breakfast, orientation, and a welcome by Eliot and Barry, followed by workshops on different adoption topics like Post-Adoption Services and Legal Procedures. At noon, children and their social workers arrived to enjoy a delicious outdoor bbq. The adults also attended the lunch.

The theme of the afternoon was fun! Complete with a giant slide, bungee run game, velcro wall, face-painting, old-fashioned photos, balloon artists, jugglers, magicians, and a 14-person dance troupe, the event boasted of a traveling carnival. It was during the afternoon hours that connections were made. Children laughed together. Parents and social workers conversed. Adoption staff workers answered questions.

It will take months of scheduled meetings between social workers, agencies, parents and children to evaluate the number of matches that were made on that beautiful, summer July afternoon at Assumption College. However, after compiling pages of feedback from many, many social workers who attended the event, one thing is for sure. Homes were found for some very deserving children.

Jordan's Furniture has been a proud supporter of MARE since 1998.