Holiday Spoons Project with Jordan's Furniture

Holiday Spoons Project

Sponsoring a Project Bread initiative to help end hunger.

Project Bread funds nearly 400 emergency food programs throughout Massachusetts to help provide a safety net for citizens during difficult financial times.  To help this cause, each year we proudly sponsor the Holiday Spoons Project. The project works by inspiring kids to turn ordinary wooden spoons into works of art, which are sold, and the money is donated to Project Bread, to help prevent hunger in Massachusetts.  We match every donation up to $10,000. So for example, a classroom collecting $250 for their artistic spoons will actually be donating $500 to Project Bread.

In addition, individual classrooms are enticed to donate. To encourage participation, we reward the school group who raises the most in Holiday Spoons donations with movie tickets to our Sunbrella ® IMAX theater.

The Holiday Spoons Project is dedicated to getting youth groups, schools, neighborhoods and families involved in the effort to end hunger. By participating, children learn about hunger and about how their efforts can help those who need it.

“We know from individual letters and other feedback that our matching program is an incentive to many teachers and students to try and collect as much as possible and, thereby, donate the maximum amount to Project Bread,” says Eliot Tatelman, President and CEO of Jordan's Furniture. “We have continued to participate in the Holiday Spoons Project for almost 10 years now because of this reaction from area schools. In the end, more families-in-need are being fed. That is the bottom line.”

If you think your school, community group, or family would like to get involved, go to the Holiday Spoons Project link on the Project Bread web site.