Jordan's Furniture charities

Our Philanthropic Work

Supporting the community by putting children first.

Philanthropy is an important part of the business philosophy here at Jordan’s Furniture. From the beginning, when brothers Barry and Eliot were working for the family business, and continuing today, with Eliot still at the helm, community outreach is part of our plan.

Our philanthropic efforts focus on children in need, primarily within the adoption and foster care communities. In addition, we participate in and donate to many non-profit organizations and charity projects from community project sponsorships to local fundraising programs.

The charity programs and projects are rewarding investments. An example of the success born from Jordan’s corporate giving is the fact that approximately 300 children in foster care have found permanent adoptive families. In addition, over 800 new foster homes have been recruited through our projects.

Requests and Proposals

Jordan’s Furniture receives dozens of charity requests each week. Due to the volume, we cannot fulfill all requests. It is important for us to remain dedicated and focused on a sustained effort toward specific causes and programs that assist children-in-need.

If you would like to submit a request and/or proposal regarding your organization, program, or event, just complete our online application, or mail on charity letterhead to the Taunton Corporate Office.

We will review your application and respond only if it is approved. Please allow 3 weeks response time.