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Transform any area of your home into a bright, welcoming space with the Homecoming Landscape Mirror. Perfect for the hallway, entryway or any room in your house. This rectangular mirror features a solid pine frame dressed in a vintage finish to give it a rustic feel.

Size: 52"W x 2"D x 36"H

Give a touch of elegance to your bedroom wall with this Sterling Landscape Mirror. The elegant frame with smooth edges portrays its expert craftsmanship. Make the most of this mirror by teaming it up with a matching dresser. This traditional-style mirror will complement most room design schemes.

Size: 34.5"W x 46"D x 1.5"H

Elegant and stunning, the Diamond Mirror complements the beauty of your home. With pearlized, white finish and chrome nail heads, this mirror offers a distinct look. The etched glass further enhances its appeal. This contemporary-style mirror effortlessly pairs with any matching dresser to complete your modern interior.

Size: 49"L x 1"D x 36"H

Diamond Mirror


Add some shine and sparkle to your bedroom with the Southern Pines Landscape Mirror. Featuring clean lines and a subtle style, it's just perfect for pairing with a matching dresser. This country-style mirror creates a place in your bedroom where you can effortlessly get ready for your day in the morning. Plus, the beveled glass sits in a beautifully finished sturdy frame with moldings.

Size: 43"L x 2"W x 38"H

The Belmeade Landscape Mirror will add depth and light to your bedroom, living room or hallway. Featuring beveled glass, this transitional mirror combines function and style. The graceful frame moldings showcase excellent craftsmanship and creates a rich ambiance. Place this elegant landscape mirror on top of your dresser for a coordinated look.

Size: 45"L x 3"D x 36"H

Add a classic touch to your bedroom with the Ravenswood Mirror. Featuring a tapered top molding design and an embedded inner frame, this vanity mirror lends cottage-style charm to your interior. This transitional mirror with its beveled glass and substantial construction is an ideal companion for a dresser when mounted on top.

Size: 46"L x 2.625"D x 37"H

Ravenswood Mirror


The St Germain Landscape Mirror brings timeless style to any room. Hang this beveled mirror vertically or horizontally based on the space you have. You can also use it as a showpiece in your hallway or just above the living room fireplace. With clean lines and transitional details, this mirror complements many types of dressers too.

Size: 48"L x 2"D x 37"H

Accent your bathroom or bedroom with the Commentary Large Wing Mirror. It will also look great on your dressing table. This square mirror has a tiny ledge at the bottom and the top of the frame is slightly curved inwards. Place this decorative mirror in front of a light source or window to make the room look brighter and more spacious.

Size: 42"L x 1.75"W x 34"H

With its graceful lines and classic design, the French Market Arched Mirror adds style and elegance to your living space. Place this mirror atop your bedroom dresser for functional purpose or display it as a decorative accent in your lounge, hall or living room. You can place this mirror opposite a door or window to bring natural light into the room. This country-styled mirror features an arched top with dentil molding details. Featuring a sleek design, this mirror complements most home decors.

Size: 44"L x 2"W x 41.25"H

Whether you want to update your living room or add new interest, the French Market Arched Mirror will bring your room together beautifully. The distinctive lines and rich, French cherry finish make it the perfect standalone accent. You can also place this arched mirror in the guest bedroom or hallway to give the illusion of more space.

Size: 44"L x 2"W x 41.25"H

Sleek outline and simple design highlight this French Market Landscape Mirror. This square, country-styled mirror works well with most interiors. Place this landscape mirror on your dressing table or hang it on the wall. It makes a great addition to your living room, master or guest bedroom.

Size: 40.5"L x 1"W x 39.5"H

Simple and elegant, the French Market Mirror is perfect for use in any room of your house. You can place this landscape mirror in your guest room or child's bedroom. If you have a traditional-styled dresser, then this wood-framed mirror will make a beautiful complement. You can use this mirror as a decorative accent in your living room or lounge. This square mirror will blend in all types of room decors, from traditional to contemporary.

Size: 40.5"L x 1"W x 39.5"H

Kincaid's Gatherings bedroom beautifully represents timeless Shaker style. Sleek lines and character-rich solid Appalachian black cherry wood make an elegant marriage. In country or contemporary schemes, the large mirror adds brilliance to a space.

Size: 46"W x 2"D x 34"H

Gatherings Mirror


Make a stylish addition to your dressing table with the Messina Estates Mirror. Featuring scroll woodwork, arched top and dentil molding, this bedroom dresser mirror reflects Queen Anne-style furniture style. It is made of hardwood solids and birch veneers to offer durable use. You can also use this traditional mirror as a decorative accent piece in your living room or lounge. Place it opposite doors or windows to reflect light and create an illusion of a larger space.

Size: 49"W x 4"D x 45"H

Messina Estates Mirror


Kincaid's Gatherings bedroom beautifully represents timeless Shaker style. Sleek lines and character-rich solid Appalachian black cherry wood make an elegant marriage. In country or contemporary schemes, the group's arch mirror completes the room.

Size: 33.75"W x 2"D x 39"H

Gatherings Arch Mirror


The hottest furniture fashion has a budget-friendly price with this stylish Vaughan-Bassett collection. Sleek lines, in a chic washed-oak finish, create a designer-inspired look. Crafted in the USA, the landscape mirror brightens the bedroom.

Size: 41.5"L x 1.5"W x 38.5"H

Riverside Furniture proudly presents the Riata bedroom collection! Drawing design inspiration from the Mid-Century Modern genre, the sleek contemporary silhouettes are dressed in a warm walnut finish. The matching mirror adds light and shimmer.

Size: 44"L x 1.5"W x 39"H

Riata Mirror


Featuring ornate scroll carvings and intricate details, the Versailles Mirror is a statement piece. The mirror features an arched top with dentil moldings. On both sides of this traditional mirror, you can see spindle columns set between blocks of carved wooden cubes. On the top edges are intricately carved finials, which give this mirror a stately look. Place this decorative mirror in your hall or living room to create an interesting focal point or you can also place it on top of your bedroom dresser.

Size: 48"W x 4"D x 46"H

Versailles Mirror


Largo's Chateau bedroom delivers fashion-forward style at a budget-friendly price. Featuring lustrous "vintage"-finished cherry veneers, it transforms the master suite into a restful retreat! There's also the matching vertical mirror.

Size: 37"W x 2"D x 43"H

Usher in romantic, traditional style with Ravenhood Portrait Mirror. With its timeless design and modern conveniences, this mirror transforms the master suite into something special. Featuring a relaxed, black finish frame, this portrait mirror finishes the room with flair.

Size: 36"L x 2"D x 47"H

Give a fresh new look to the master suite with this Palisade Mirror. Crafted to meet today's casual, chic design schemes, this cherry-finished mirror combines function and flair. You can also use this mirror as a decorative accent in your living room or hallway for a brilliant finishing touch.

Size: 45"L x 1.5"D x 39"H

Palisades Mirror


Sleek outline and simple design are the highlights of the Classics Landscape Mirror. This traditional-style mirror not just makes a functional addition to your bedroom or bathroom, but also makes a great decorative accent in your foyer or living room. Hang this landscape mirror opposite a window or door to reflect natural light and brighten the space.

Size: 46"L x 2"D x 36"H

The Casana's Olympia Mirror is a beautiful addition to your bedroom. It has a solid, mahogany frame with a dramatic dark, mahogany finish. Match this mirror with your favorite dresser to create a personal vanity area. Decorated with beveled moldings, it adds a sophisticated, stylish look. With modern lines, this transitional-style mirror gives a warm look to your bedroom.

Size: 40"W x 2"D x 43"H

Olympia Mirror


The Legends Rolling Floor Mirror is an essential bedroom piece that's both chic and functional. It has a rich chocolate-brown finish for a sophisticated appeal. This rolling floor mirror is great for seeing full-length views. Just flip the mirror around to reveal a hidden bookshelf, where you can store your favorite books and other small items. This vertical mirror comes with casters that offer easy maneuverability.

Size: 30"L x 17"W x 60"H