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The Fir Single Stack Bookcase enhances the look of everything that surrounds it. It features raised panel sides, crown molding, a classic cornice and three stacks of window pane doors. This home furniture is a great way to show off your book collection, awards, artwork or other favorite items. The shelves offer easy customization. Perfect for your study or home office, this transitional-style bookcase lets you stay organized.

Size: 37"L x 18.5"D x 87.5"H

Fir Single Stack Bookcase


Bold and versatile, the Zorro Cabinet will transform any space into a beautiful spot. It features an ogee cornice top and a graphic metal grill for a unique look. This home furniture with its three display shelves offers plenty of space to showcase your favorite collectibles, books and more. The metal frame door at the bottom open to reveal an accessories shelf. This transitional cabinet suits most interiors.

Size: 37.75"L x 12"D x 87.5"H

Zorro Cabinet


The Newport Freshwater Aquarium is the perfect add-on for your family room. Classically designed with a high-gloss, protective clear finish, this home furniture brings nature's underwater beauty to your living room. The large cabinet space is ideal for canister and sump filters. A recessed panel door and brushed-nickel hardware gives this aquarium cabinet an attractive look.

Size: 20"L x 20"D x 59"H

The Mystic Freshwater Aquarium is a fantastic display for any environment and is sure to delight guests of all ages. It features open compartments, where you can store fish-keeping essentials for a quick access. This home furniture has a rustic finish and clean lines that add an understated touch. The aquarium has display space too if you wish to add decorative accents. Available in other finishes.

Size: 38"L x 20"D x 72"H

The Narragansett Freshwater Aquarium comes with everything you want for your aquatic environment. The two open shelves at the sides provide storage for aquarium essentials and supplies. This aquarium cabinet is ideal for your living room, family room or den to create a calm, welcoming look. The white color beautifully complements any interior. Available in other finishes.

Size: 36"L x 20"D x 72"H

The Bellevue Freshwater Aquarium is distinct and dramatic that adds a focal point to any room. The open compartments on both sides offer lots of storage solutions. You can keep fish-keeping supplies for quick access, or artwork and decorative pieces. Featuring clean lines and a sophisticated design, this transitional-style cabinet gives your interior an unmatched lift. Available in other finishes.

Size: 59"L x 20"D x 72"H

Are you a fish enthusiast? The stylish Cambridge Freshwater Aquarium will be your first pick for your home furnishing. Talk about function, this storage cabinet comes with two bottom doors for storing fish supplies or any items you want to keep within reach. There's also two compact top drawers that provide additional storage. The bold rustic finish and sleek lines combine to give this updated aquarium a bit of old-world charm. Available in other finishes.

Size: 48"L x 18"D x 53"H

Get the Hampton Freshwater Aquarium to enjoy in your living room, family room or den. Featuring spacious open compartments, this storage cabinet provides plenty of room for any equipment and supplies you may need. Tall and beautiful, this aquarium suits most contemporary-themed interiors. The clean and sophisticated lines add to its overall look. Available in other finishes.

Size: 70"L x 20"D x 67"H

This Fishy Beech wood Freshwater Aquarium has a contemporary design that matches most updated room interiors. You can keep any necessary fish supplies and other essentials handy in the open compartments. This home furniture has an aquarium interior design that offers a fresh, cool look. It's the perfect spot to share your love of fish and water creatures. Available in other finishes.

Size: 70"L x 20"D x 67"H

Featuring a slim silhouette, the sleek Cottage Etagere is perfect for small spaces. Its 4 open shelves are useful for storing books and other essentials or displaying decorative pieces. This open-shelf, accent piece is also perfect for extra storage in the bathroom. The open frame and base have a welcoming, white cottage finish while the shelves are dressed in washed oak. This country-style etagere is versatile and suits any classic room style.

Size: 22"L x 12"D x 62.75"H

Cottage Etagere


Add a rustic touch to any interior with this exotic-looking Cottage Etagere. The traditional design of this painted etagere gives it a vintage feel. The crafted fluted legs hold three storage/display shelves. The additional shelf space on top of the pullout style drawer provides extra storage. The blue distressed/washed oak finish gives it the charm of a bygone era. Use this as a stylish display/storage option in your living room.

Size: 22"L x 12"D x 62.75"H

Cottage Etagere


The Brian Side Entry Curio is the ultimate functional display option for any type of interior. The quintessential design has a stunning platinum finish. The tempered glass fronts allow clear view of everything displayed on the built-in glass shelves. The brilliant, overhead lighting allows your trophies and collectibles to shine. Use this glass shelf cabinet to display photos, curios or other treasures. The timeless look of this curio shelf will complement any interior.

Size: 28"L x 20"D x 82"H

Brian Side Entry Curio


The open design of the Essentials Room Divider will create the perfect balance of style and substance in your home. The larger rooms can be divided in a great way with this traditional-style divider. The staggered shelves let you display everything from flower vases to wicker pots, family photo frames, books, crafts, collectibles and more. Place this against a wall or as a divider to help keep your space organized and attractive.

Size: 43"L x 14"D x 71"H

The Essentials Room Divider helps you make the best use of space in your home. This rustic-looking divider can be used for display purposes. Use the divider's spacious shelves to display your photo frames, books, collectibles and more. This traditional-style divider will complement most room settings. The cherry finish offers a rich warm tone that highlights its beauty.

Size: 43"L x 14"D x 71"H

This delightful Diana Curio cabinet will liven up any room with its charm. The graceful, glass-front doors have a distinctive, geometric design and open to reveal pristine glass shelves. The eloquent floral scroll on the back panel creates a beautiful background for any display. The impeccable metallic finish further adds to the opulence of this curio cabinet that can be used for storage and display in any interior.

Size: 36"L x 16"D x 56"H

Diana Curio Cabinet


This elegant Moorland Display Cabinet is the perfect artistic display choice for your home. The timeless design is impeccably crafted with a legacy oak finish. The crystal clear glass panels allow for an uninterrupted view of the displays and the built-in glass shelves offer a generous display space. The sliding-door design is ideal for interiors with small spaces. Use it as a welcoming display cabinet in the foyer or as a home for your trophies or collectibles.

Size: 28"L x 17"D x 78"H

Moorland Display Cabinet

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The Gallery Display Cabinet is a visually pleasing add-on to your living room. Featuring a crown molding on top, ogee feet and side entry, this traditional-style cabinet provides beauty and character to your interior. The glass shelves are strongly supported by metal clips and can be adjusted to display your trophies, souvenirs or figurines. The glass surroundings on the four sides of this display cabinet allow your friends and guests to view all your keepsakes. The halogen light with high and low switch provides brighter illumination for your collectibles.

Size: 29"L x 15"D x 80"H

The Charles Display Cabinet offers a space-conscious way to fine-tune the interior of your home. The reeded column details, bracket-cut feet and crown molding highlight its classic design and add character to your living room or dining area. This traditional-style display cabinet features five glass shelves surrounded by glass on all the four sides and a side opening door that ensures full display. Showcase your favorite collectibles, figurines, crafts and more for all to see.

Size: 30"L x 20"D x 80"H

Designed on contemporary lines, the Saloman Display Cabinet will modernize your home. This display cabinet features glass shelves and padlock metal shelf clips for height adjustment. The side doors provide easy access to the display shelves while the touch lighting brightly illuminates the interior. This contemporary cabinet has a coffee black finish and bracket feet. You can place this display cabinet in your living room, study, home office or den.

Size: 27"L x 13.5"D x 78"H

Saloman Display Cabinet

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