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Accent Mirrors

Add depth and dimensionality to your home with the Majestic Leaner Mirror. It features a polished rose gold frame for a bold fashion statement. Brighten up your living room with this traditional mirror. With the perfect combination of functionality and beauty, this country-style mirror is a handsome addition.

Size: 44"L x 3"D x 80"H

Leaner Mirror


Bold, modern and contemporary, the Leaner Mirror works well in any space. The beveled glass perfectly sits in an intricately designed mixed media frame. This wall mirror helps reflect light to brighten up your room. This mirror with a traditional style offers beauty and harmony throughout your room setting.

Size: 28"L x 3"D x 64"H

Leaner Mirror


Bring classic elegance to any interior with the Leaner Augustina Mirror. Three strands of twisted rope outline the rectangular mirror. The frame's gold finish and bundled corners add interest to the beveled mirror glass. Place this decorative mirror in your entryway or hall to create a focal point, and make the space seem bigger and brighter.

Size: 45"L x 4"D x 85"H

Practical features and glitzy style come together in the Bling Grey Leaf Mirror to give you a home accent piece that's par excellence. With its gray leaf finish and gold accents, this decorative mirror makes a classy yet functional addition to any kind of decor. The beveled glass mirror is framed in solid wood and features a pave trim for added style. This traditional mirror is perfect for your entertainment room, living room, bedroom or lounge.

Size: 48"L x 1.25"D x 48"H

Bling Grey Leaf Mirror


Nova Lighting's Infinite mirror adds a unique look to a space. The burnished metal "root beer" frame surrounds the hypnotic lighted interior, resulting in a piece that's uncommonly artistic. It's so beautiful, it's hard to look away!

Size: 32"L x 3"D x 32"H

Add an elegant touch to your living room with this Angelica Leaner Mirror. Its contemporary style is enhanced by the silver, leaf finish which gives it a radiant look. The luminous, silver frame beautifully outlines the rectangular mirror.

Size: 45"L x 3"D x 85"H

Angelica Leaner Mirror


The Barcino leaner mirror brings elegance and brilliant light home. Big and beautiful, its dramatic decorative frame is guaranteed to impress. Can be added to any room for a dazzling transformation!

Size: 50"L x 2"D x 90"H

Barcino Leaner Mirror


The Conran Leaner Mirror with its distressed finish frame gives vintage appeal to any room in your house. The top of the frame features carved details that add to the elegant look. Place this decorative mirror at the entryway or hallway where it's sure to capture the attention of your guests.

Size: 53"L x 5"D x 92"H

Conran Leaner Mirror


Designers know that adding a large mirror to a space makes it appear bigger and brighter. For a space in the home that could use a little help, the contemporary Nico leaner mirror makes a brilliant transformation!

Size: 48"L x 2"D x 84"H

Nicole Leaner Mirror


The Antique Mahogany Leaner Mirror has a curvaceous design that is sure to make heads turn. The mahogany finish of the frame complements any minimalist-style living space. With its unique, curved shape, this mirror makes a statement in your family room. This contemporary-style Leaner mirror makes an excellent accent piece that will neatly blend into different themes.

Size: 2"L x 45"D x 82"H

Instantly transform any room with this Contemporary Leaner Mirror. It features a curvaceous. leaner design with a sleek, shimmering frame. The antique silver finish brings a bit of glamour to any room. The unique shape and antique silver finish make this tall mirror the perfect, decorative accent.

Size: 2"L x 45"D x 82"H

Add dramatic flair to any setting with the Leaner Mirror-Wenge. The curved black frame beautifully accentuates the mirror. It transforms a room, and makes it look brighter and more spacious. This tall mirror makes a functional addition to your bathroom or bedroom or a decorative accent in your living room or entryway.

Size: 2"L x 45"D x 82"H

Revive the look of any room with the Demarlos Leaner Mirror. This rectangular mirror is outlined in a white frame that enhances its sleek silhouette. Use it as a dressing mirror in your bedroom or bathroom or hang it in your living room as a beautiful, decorative accent. This parchment frame mirror blends perfectly with any room theme.

Size: 2"L x 46"D x 76"H

Demarlos Leaner Mirror


Featuring a streamlined design, the Gaylon Leaner Mirror looks chic and elegant. Brightly reflecting light, it enhances the ambience of the room. This leaner mirror comes with a burnished, brown frame that features intricate details for a dramatic presentation. This rectangular mirror can be used on your bedroom dresser, in your living room, or to dress up your entryway.

Size: 3"L x 46"D x 76"H

Gaylon Leaner Mirror


If majestic is the look you're aiming for, this Ornate Leaner Mirror is the perfect solution. The mirror frame is wide and features a hand-applied antique silver and gold leaf design that shines and shimmers in the light. Proudly display it in your living room or hallway where it's sure to capture your guests' attention.

Size: 2"L x 40"D x 80"H

Ornate Leaner Mirror


Did you know that you can use a mirror to transform the lighting in a room? Place this Chrome Leaner Mirror opposite a light source. The light will bounce off this tall mirror to instantly brighten the room. A wenge with chrome liner frame gracefully outlines this rectangular mirror. You can place this mirror in your living room, hallway or bedroom.

Size: 2"L x 48"D x 84"H

Chrome Leaner Mirror


Transform any room with the Higgins Leaner Mirror. Featuring a rustic, wood-finish frame, this rectangular mirror pulls any room together beautifully. This leaner mirror makes a functional addition to your dresser (sold separately). Or, you could hang it in the living room or hallway and use it as a decorative accent.

Size: 2.25"L x 48"D x 84"H

Higgins Leaner Mirror


Designed like a French door, the Belgium Modern Leaner Mirror makes an impressive addition to any setting. Impeccably crafted in antique style, this French Door Leaner Mirror is a stunning, accent piece. Dress up a wall in your living room or entryway with this innovative mirror. It's designed to make any space look beautiful, bigger and brighter.

Size: 2.75"L x 32"D x 77"H

The impeccably crafted Encircle Learner Mirror comes in a contemporary style that's sure to add accentuate any room theme. Rectangular in shape, this mirror has a unique, three circle frame design. This Leaner mirror is perfect for hallways and entryways, and will make space looker bigger and brighter.

Size: 32"L x 1.5"D x 84"H

Encircle Leaner Mirror

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Create an instant bling effect in any room with the Taber Decorative Mirror. It features a lustrous frame with geometric designs that provides a fancy border for this glistening mirror. The rectangular frame's gold and silver finish adds to the mirror's stylish appearance. This mirror can be used as a decorative accent in your living room.

Size: 32.25"L x 1"D x 32.25"H

Uniquely stunning, the Stealth Infinity Mirror adds a one-of-a-kind accent to your contemporary-style room. This mirror features shimmering, brushed-metal accents. Battery powered, this infinity mirror creates a hypnotic effect.

Size: 36"L x 3"D x 36"H

Belly up to this private Guinness bar set. The official brass logo is inset within rich, walnut-stained wood. An etched mirror adds authentication. A stainless steel dry sink and laminated bar and sink-surround make for classy drink preparation. A wrap-around footrest provides plenty of comfort, too.

Size: 55"L x 10"D x 36"H

Guinness Mirror


Sleek and spectacular, the Infinity Lighted Wall Mirror is sure to get attention. This 2-way non-tempered mirror is outlined by a brushed aluminum finish frame. Place this tall mirror in your hallway or entryway to create the illusion of more space. Or, you can place this decorative mirror in your living room or foyer to create an interesting focal point.

Size: 54"L x 4"D x 8"H

Enhance the lighting and setting of any room with the Clancey Leaner Mirror. The non-tempered glass mirror reflects light to make the room brighter while the carefully crafted Asian hardwood frame with plantation mahogany finish blends in with any setting. This rectangular mirror can grace your hallway, foyer or living room, and add an element of interest to the room's theme.

Size: 3"L x 42"D x 80"H

Clancey Leaner Mirror